• All live trading accounts can be insured (excluding standard and IB account).
  • Our insurance program is applicable for the deposit starting from 500$ to 20,000$ max.
  • Client can insure their account from 10 % - 100 % of the deposit amount.
  • If a client applies to the GFTMA insurance program then he/she have to pay the 5% from the deposit amount as a processing fee.
  • Client can apply and cancel the insurance any time.
  • Our insurance is valid for 365 days (one year) for 1 MT4 account number. Under one name for that concern deposit. He/She can claim upto 2 times in a year.
  • If a client wants to increase the deposit (ex: 500$ existing and adding 500$ extra) then insurance is only applicable for the previous 500$ deposit.
  • If client need the insurance for his/her new deposit then he/she have to pay the difference amount for their new deposit ex:(500$*5%=25$) then the whole account will be approved for GFTMA insurance program.
  • If a client is claiming his/her insurance amount then he/she has to complete a certain volume of lots, In order to get the full insurance amount (click here to views calculation).
  • In case the client hasn't completed 100% of the required trading volume, he/she will receive the partial payment according to their volume of lot completion.
  • Minimum a client has to complete 10% of trading lot volume, so that he/she is eligible to claim that insurance amount.
  • The spread for insurance account speed will be 1 pip floating and commission for currency is 3$per lot/side ,metals 3.5$ per lot/side, stock to 1$ per lot/side.
  • If a client claim for insurance amount, it will be processed within 3 days and will be credited to their bank account.

Registered in the Financial Services Authority St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Registration number 26395 BC 2021